About Team Hybrid

After researching and trying a number of handcycles it was obvious that that there was a gap in the UK market for reliable powered and manual hand cycle wheelchair attachments.

Mark Higgon formed Team Hybrid Ltd in January 2002. With the help of some very skillful friends various tasks were handed out and the first Viper power cycle and Coyote handcycle were designed and built.

The first year or so was very slow and all cycles were assembled by Mark in his lounge. Leilah, Mark’s wife had to put up with a work bench, tools and bike components strewn across the floor for many months.

Production was then moved to a workshop in the garden as the business grew. Many customers who visited Team Hybrid were astounded at the quality of the workmanship and products that emerged from the depths of the workshop.
Team Hybrid have now moved to a new purpose built unit in the Hampshire country side. The business is going from strength to strength and we are rapidly establishing ourselves as the leading manufacturers of Manual and Powered Assisted Handcycles for the Disabled and Physically Challenged.

We produce a unique range of handcycles that are designed to be used with your existing rigid frame wheelchair by means of a simple and unique lightweight docking system. (Please note we cannot fit to folding wheelchairs).

So now the freedom of cycling is available to all with our manual and powered wheelchair attachments so everyone can go out, cycle, get fit and, have fun! To compliment our Handcycles we also sell high performance wheelchairs. These are lightweight, maneuverable and stylish but remarkably robust to meet the demands of the active user.


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