Wheelchair Coaching with the Cougar

Since my last report on how important the Team Hybrid Cougar is to the coaching of my wheelchair racing athletes we have achieved another goal in this years competition session plan. Craig Boardman entered the Virgin Money Giving (VMG) Mini Marathon on the 23rd April and I am delighted to say he came second overall in the U17 event only beaten by the favourite, this is a remarkable achievement because Craig is predominantly a sprinter not an endurance racer however endurance is part of his training and this competition also forms the training/racing plan.

Craig completed the course in 12m 21s breaking the T34 record and I believe that being on the road with the Team Hybrid Cougar putting him through his paces giving him vital training further enhances his racing skills. Hill work sessions combined with endurance is very important and I am only able to do this with Cougar.

We get some looks as we are traveling at top speeds around the outlying streets of Portsmouth and I am often asked about the Cougar and it’s function, people are impressed and so am I! As we move forward towards the Junior worlds in Switzerland in August we will be using the Cougar a great deal more on the road as road training takes the boredom out of track training day in day out, although we can’t eliminate track training as it is the main reason why our wheelchair athletes compete.

I have found the Cougar easier to handle the more I use it, the electric pedal assistance combined with the throttle function allows me to easily vary my speed in a precise controlled manner. This means that i can now fully focus on my athletes techniques while travelling at speed. The Cougar is a fantastic piece of kit to use on and off road, i sometimes have to ride off road when I am travelling to and from a venue for coaching sessions. This also gives me a chance to try out the many different gear changing sequences combined with the power assistance.


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