A great testimonial from a happy Viper owner

Sandra is very much into the outdoors and before her MS diagnosis was a keen hill walker and loved the outdoors.

Sandra has had a couple of PDQs and first bought one from dear old eBay in 2005! Before that time she had been using a very robust powerchair – but nothing compared to the freedom and fun of a Power Trike! Despite the unreliability of the batteries – and their immense weight! – it was possible to keep the Power Trike going with the help of very capable and creative friends who were electricians! But it was becoming more and more clear that its days were numbered as the breakdowns were becoming more and more frequent and costly.

When the batteries on her PDQ were finally starting to die, she contacted us about a conversion to it with our batteries. This coincided with our PX offer on PDQs so she started to think about a Viper.

Sandra travelled from Tyne & Wear to our showroom in Hampshire to demo both the Viper Sport and Viper Classic. She was so amazed at how smooth they were as well as how well built and strong they felt. Her mind was made up, a Viper it was but which one???

After several laps of the car park Sandra decided to go for a Viper Classic with Double Battery along with a 16″ RGK Chrome wheelchair to finish off the set.

‘I collected my Viper Classic and RGK Chair on the 9th October and would have attempted to use it all the way back to Newcastle if possible! It is a magnificent machine and really is a testimony to the dedication and expertise of everyone at Team Hybrid. Mark has developed and produced an incredible machine.

From my first meeting with Rob and Corin and trying out the options I was convinced that the Viper would be an excellent replacement to the PDQ Power Trike. Rob was incredibly helpful – and patient! – and let me try the Viper again and again up and down the roads and the inclines around Team Hybrid’s workshop.

I know that there are still a lot of People who remain very fond of the PDQs and rightly so! The concept is a brilliant one. But their unreliability and at times ‘dodgy’ components have let me down! and dented my confidence in it.

Having seen, tried and now purchased a Viper, I feel confident once again to go out and about with a freedom to roam that was becoming less and less feasible with the PDQ.

I know items such as these are an expensive and considered purchase – but it is well worth the investment! And I’m convinced that Team Hybrid are a Company who will do everything they can to keep on supporting their Customers and developing a product that really is, even now, at the top of its game!

Thank you Rob, Eugene, Corin and Mark for having the vision to take something that was good….and developing it and making it even better!

Your support and Customer Service really is second to none!

You are an Amazing Team – and Wonderful Guys!’

Sandra Wheatley


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