Funding: There are many ways to fund a handcycle. Some customers are fortunate enough to be able to save the funds or use compensation, whilst others apply to charities such as SSIT, and ASPIRE. Local charities and benevolent organisations can sometimes also help with a grant. A number of our clients have had success with crowd funding. Other avenues include the Cycle Scheme, and Access to Work. Be proactive, there is funding out there!

We often get asked why handcycles are so expensive when compared to a bicycle of a similar specification; the answer is, economies of scale. Bicycles of all types are manufactured in vast quantities, usually in a country where labour is relatively cheap. The production of our handcyles is significantly smaller in comparison.

Economies of scale are cost reductions that occur when companies increase production. The fixed costs, like rent, bills, wages etc, are spread over more units of production. This in turn results in a finished product that becomes less expensive to manufacture, these savings can then be passed on to the consumer.

With this in mind Team Hybrid is offering you a fantastic opportunity to own one of our superb Viper or Cougar handcycle attachments at discount prices.

We are offering a massive 20% discount
This offer applies to all new Viper Power Cycles including the Viper XS and Cougar Power Assisted Handcycles when purchased as part of a Group Buy of at least three handcycles.

What is Group Buying? Group Buying, also known as collective buying, is a shopping strategy that offers products at discounted prices on a quantity order. By joining a group of like-minded people, buyers are able to purchase products at significantly reduced prices without committing to large quantities.

How does Group Buy actually work? It’s very simple, talk about it and form a group. The principal coordinator nominated by the group, will act as the primary contact with Team Hybrid. Pay the deposits (individually, via bank transfer)  Visit Team Hybrid’s workshop to receive your new cycle. Balance payments will be due upon collection of each cycle.

What makes our products stand out: Hand made in the UK, innovative design, high specification, off-road capability, attentive service, and unbeatable value.

Warranty and backup: Full warranty, excellent after sales service, U.K. spares availability, custom options.

The benefits: Mobility, independence, convenience, robustness, performance, reliability.

Can I test one in advance of purchase: We’re very happy for potential customers to visit our workshop for a demo, to view our entire range, and to see how our products are made.

Lead-time: Cycles may be available from stock. If not, the delivery date should be within four to six weeks of the offer closing date. Set-up and collection by appointment at our workshop.

Made In Britain, by hand, with pride: Team Hybrid products are unique in having passed stringent TUV impact and fatigue strength testing to international standard ISO 7176-8:2014. Our products are designed and manufactured in house, by hand.

20% discount on all Group Buy orders. All stated discounts are against the current retail prices as quoted on the web site.

Discounts apply only to complete cycles. Wheelchairs are excluded from the Group Buy scheme. Discount is only available from Team Hybrid direct.

Discounts available for Group Buys