My story with Team Hybrid

I first brought a Team Hybrid Coyote S7 Add-On handcycle around 6 or 7 years ago. It started my love affair with Team Hybrid products and the great team of people that Mark has built around him.

The Coyote was very quick to mount onto my chair as are all of their bikes and I couldn’t believe the cardio workout it gave me, I started to get more muscle than I had had for a very long time. The gym I was using at the time regularly tested my muscle size and they couldn’t believe the change. My GP also couldn’t believe the reduction in my Blood Pressure as well. The Coyote handcycle attachment was so easy to use, which made it fun and quite subtle in the amount of benefit I was getting from it.

I was using the Coyote to do the 4 miles between home and work and the return journey. Once I got to work I just undocked the bike and left it locked up and used my wheelchair around work.

A couple of years ago I got to that certain age where a bit of assistance in taking the load off my shoulder joints was required and Team Hybrid were there once again with the right product. I brought an older ex demo model the Cougar S7 Add On and the fun I had just got better.

Fast forward a couple of years and I finally took the leap and brought my third Team Hybrid handcycle. From my experience I consider my current Cougar the S24 Add On Handcycle to be the best handcycle attachment available in the UK.

As before, the Cougar has the same great ability to dock on and off a ridged frame wheelchair within seconds using the great mounting tube Team Hybrid developed.

The Cougar with its easy to set electronic control gives you just the right amount of assistance at the right time automatically should you want to use it or you just switch off or set the electric assistance to the low setting and fully use the 24 gears on the bike for the same fantastic cardio work out I got with the Coyote 7 speed.

I’ve not had the chance to use the Cougar off road as much as other customers have but for the commute to work it is just so much fun to use.

On the odd occasion when things have gone wrong the Customer Service that Team Hybrid employ is better than you would ever imagine. Nothing is too much for them and parts are either dispatched straight away on next day deliveries or they offer to get the issue sorted at their headquarters in the shortest possible time. I just wish other companies that say they are there for ‘disabled’ people would have the same mega great Customer Services.

Thank you Mark, Eugene, Matt and Corin for the great work you are doing. I can’t wait to see the next evolutions of your fantastic products (I know that your new docking system is nearly ready for testing).

I wish you continued success and all the best for your future sales and expansion.

Dave Statham



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