A Testimonial and a Big Thank You!

For just over a year I’ve been the very proud and delighted owner of a Team Hybrid Viper Add-On Power Cycle

It has served me well and taken me to some fabulous places – and adventures from the North York Moors to around the sights of London and other Cities. Without fail the Viper turns heads and creates a buzz wherever I go! It is without doubt the best piece of equipment I have ever owned.

Recently it needed to be checked over by Mark and the Team at Team Hybrid as it had appeared to lose a little bit of traction.

To my utter amazement, and totally unexpectedly because they couldn’t find any fault and because the warranty was still valid, a new Viper was despatched to me! I was astounded at such an incredible gesture of what really is THE most amazing Customer Service.

Since meeting with everyone at Team Hybrid I was aware that the entire Team was The Best I’d ever encountered – there has never been a query, a request, a call or email that has been left unanswered. Their concern for me and for the Viper really was, and is second to none.

Mark has continued to maintain contact throughout this past year and his support and expertise have been so appreciated and invaluable. I don’t possess the words to express my gratitude for all Team Hybrid have done for me.

I know I am not alone in saying that Team Hybrid provide not only the most incredible, and the best machines to enable disabled folks to maintain a level of independence that is life enhancing – and a boat load of fun!

But their involvement with and genuine concern for each of us really is what sets Team Hybrid way beyond any other equipment provider. They have set the bar really high with regard to Customer Service and I for one am so, so grateful to be on the receiving end of their knowledge, expertise and experience.

Thank you Mark! Thank you Team Hybrid!’

Sandra Wheatley October 2016.

The Viper in London