Top 5 benefits for getting outdoors with Clip-On Viper XS

As hope of a more sociable summer is on the horizon, it is not hard to imagine the freedom of once again attending outdoor events. Long weekends camping, walks in the countryside or even basking in some summer sunshine at a beloved music festival are just around the corner. 

We all hope that we will soon be able to enjoy the great outdoors again. Here at Team Hybrid we thought it could be helpful to highlight the key benefits of the Clip-On Viper XS. Viper XS transforms your wheelchair into an incredible electric trike, perfect for enjoying adventures outdoors again

1 Easy Clip On Docking

The easy to use docking system means you are good to go in no time at all. Simply wheel up to the Viper and into the clamps. All it takes is a few turns to get the clamps to grip onto the front down tubes of the wheelchair. Once docking is complete a safety lock ensures that the Viper stays put even on the toughest terrain. A super efficient system to allow you a quick and uncomplicated start to some serious outdoor fun!

2 Outstanding Off Road Performance

Summer is coming and coronavirus restrictions are being lifted, as a result this means days out to the beach, walks in the countryside and good times at outdoor events. . Clip-On Viper XS power cycles are heavy duty, built to last, and ready to tackle the most challenging environments. They are perfect for navigating uneven festival fields, sandy beach fronts or bumpy forest trails.

3 Large Range per Charge

 Worried that your charge won’t give you enough time to enjoy a full day out? Think again! The Viper XS comes equipped with a powerful 20Ah Li-ion battery that can provide up to 60 miles (95km) of range. Many hours of fun and enjoyment are achievable before an additional charge is needed.

4 Attaches to a wide range of Rigid Wheelchairs

Viper XS has been designed to connect to most rigid frame wheelchairs using the unique Clip-On docking system. Your wheelchair remains free of all brackets once the Viper XS has been undocked. All the required docking and locking is built into the cycle meaning no extra parts or pieces are needed. See more guidance on Wheelchair examples in the product specifications.

5 Warranty, Quality and Backup

Our system has succeeded in passing vigorous TUV Impact and Fatigue and Strength certification. With a two-year unlimited mileage warranty, and full back-up throughout ownership you can be confident in the quality and longevity of the British made Viper XS.

If you would like to know more about Clip-On Viper XS65/XS80 Power Cycles then get in touch with any questions and we would be happy to assist you.