My Add-On Viper Power Cycle Gives Me An Amazing Feeling Of Freedom

” I purchased my Team Hybrid Viper Add On Power Cycle about 10 years ago, largely because I love the countryside and could no longer access it, other than by car. That was just too restrictive. The team were so helpful and friendly from the start and have continued to support me with efficiency and understanding.

Since then, I have been to places which I never thought I could reach. I have experienced being part of the countryside again and have seen wildlife close up.
I ride all the major bike routes in Cheshire, the Pennines and the West Country etc and go to Scotland regularly, where I am able to ride the lengths of isolated lochs, forestry trails etc. What views! I also travel widely in France and Canada.

My Viper gives me an amazing feeling of freedom which I never thought I’d regain. Apart from new batteries i have had nearly 10 years of trouble free riding”

The above is heart felt.