Viper Power Cycles

Team Hybrid have been manufacturing the Viper Power Cycle since 2002 and in that time our name has become synonymous for products that excel in quality and reliability.

Powercycling is the word commonly used to describe the activity of using an electric wheelchair attachment, however when referring to the product there are alternative descriptions such as power trike, wheelchair trike or even electric wheel attachment.

We are a specialist electric handcycle attachment manufacturer and our staff have been working with electric bikes and hand cycles of all types for many years, we have the skills and knowledge to help you make the right choice. Get the right powercycle and it will totally transform your life. We believe that we have the right attitude to mobility; our Viper powercycles are fun, exciting and very practical machines.

Viper power cycles are a brilliant form of wheelchair transport allowing you to tackle rough terrain such as fields and woodland trails. Vipers are also used as everyday transport for some especially those who live and work in towns and cities and find it difficult accessing public transport.

More information on the Viper power cycles can be found on our download page.

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