Coyote Manual Handcycles

Buy a really good reliable handcycle or handbike attachment made using quality parts that do not need constant attention and it will last for many years. We have designed our range of Coyote manual handcycles to be efficient and comfortable for daily use whether they are being used as a serious fitness tool or for leisurely rides.

Coyote is a quick release wheelchair attachment or wheelchair clip on designed to fit the majority of rigid frame or fixed frame wheelchairs and will transform the way that you use your wheelchair turning it into a brilliant sleek and sporty handcycle.

It’s not necessarily the number gears that really matter but whether the gear range fits the terrain you’ll be riding in. If most of your riding is going to be on flat terrain with occasional inclines then for the majority of users Coyote S7 and S8 are great options. Coyote S7 and S8 are perfect for those cycles around the park, flat woodland paths or even commuting to work. Opting for Coyote S24 with it huge gear range and a wheelchair set up with a cycling axle anything other than real steep hills is achievable.

More information on the Coyote manual handcycles can be found on our download page.

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