Cougar S11 Hybrid Clip-On Handcycle

£ 4,395.00

In just a few seconds Cougar S11 Hybrid Clip-On Handcycle will transform your rigid or folding frame wheelchair into a fantastic sleek and sporty power assisted handcycle. We have designed this great machine to make life easier and more pleasant for handcyclists.


Cougar S11 Hybrid Handcycle with Pedelec Twin Drive

The Hybrid Handcycle (Cougar) pedelec twin drive system combines pedal assist and throttle operation.

Pedal Assist Sensor (PAS): The pedal assist sensor is mounted on the bottom bracket and provides crank speed information to the motor. The motor will not activate until PAS is activated. A magnet ring is mounted onto the sprocket and when the cranks are rotated the magnets passing the PAS activate assistance. Electric assistance is felt as soon as the rider starts peddling, power delivery is modulated via the handle bar mounted console.

Power on Demand (POD): This feature is activated using the thumb throttle. The motor delivers immediate power to the wheel when the throttle is activated. POD overrides the pedal assist sensor. This is of great benefit when gear selection is inappropriate; the rider is at a junction or hill climbing.

Pedelec twin drive electric assistance can be felt as soon as the rider starts peddling. Cougar S11 can be operated with or without the pedelec twin drive and it is possible to instantly switch from manual to power assist. Twin drive assistance can be used continuously although in order to conserve battery power it is good practice to anticipate gear changes when approaching an incline and to use assistance only when extra power is needed.


Compact, Lightweight and Long Lasting: Our 36V Lithium-ion battery weighs only 2.5kg yet has an 13.5Ah capacity. The 18650 Panasonic cells used in our batteries are widely known to be the finest available. Protected by a battery management system, the batteries provide a great combination of energy density and cycle life, allowing you to achieve more miles per charge.

Highly Reliable: Battery management technology protects packs from heat, voltage imbalance, and over-current. The BMS (Battery Management System) dramatically improves cycle life and prevents battery fires and explosions. All Li-ion cells benefit from precise battery and pack management technology.

Currently Li-ion battery packs with a capacity exceeding 300Wh are classified as Hazardous Material – Hazmat Class 9 they will not be allowed on aircraft except on cargo flights and have to be packed in carton approved with UN3841 (Lithium Battery and Equipment). We can supply 8Ah batteries if you intend to fly with your cycle.

More detailed battery information.

Clip-On Docking System

Fatigue Testing

Our docking system has succeeded in passing vigorous TUV impact and fatigue and strength trials in the Netherlands to international standard ISO 7176-8:2014.

Cougar S11 Hybrid can be connected to most rigid wheelchairs and many Folding Wheelchairs via a unique docking system that requires no extra brackets fitted to the wheelchair.

We have designed the Clip On system to fit virtually any rigid frame wheelchair, plus a large majority of folding wheelchairs, without the need of extra brackets or hardware being added. (we cannot fit to folding wheelchairs that have removable footrests). Our unique clamping method has masses of adjustability and will clamp to your wheelchair with a vice like grip thanks to the powerful jaws.

Super Strong and Easy to Dock

The rider wheels up to the Clip On handcycle and into the clamps. With a few turns of the tightening levers the clamps grip to the front down tubes of the wheelchair. The rider then pushes the top of the handcycle away from himself or herself, thus lifting the wheelchair casters off the ground; the latching system will simultaneously lock in to place. Once docked, the user activates a secondary safety lock. This safety lock ensures that the system cannot be undocked accidently, even when the main release lever is activated. To undock the rider must be stationary.

The PVC coated clamping jaws have been designed to lock onto 19mm tube all the way up to 35mm tube, this covers a vast range of wheelchairs. The amount of adjustability available ensures our system will fit tapered, V, and straight wheelchair front down tubes.

The quick release stand is both height and width adjustable. The quick release function allows for a more compact cycle, especially important when transporting your handcycle in the car.

Team Hybrid’s policy is that of continuous product improvement. Specifications listed in this document or elsewhere including promotional photos, are subject to change without prior notice. 

Compare Models

Model Cougar S24 Hybrid Add On Handcycle  Cougar S11 Hybrid Clip On Handcycle
Price  £3,395  £4,395
Frame Material Aluminium  Steel
Frame Finish Polished  Powder Coated
Fork Material Steel  Steel
Wheel Size 20 inch  20 inch
Gears Drive Wheel 24 Gears 11-32T  11 Gears 11-42T
Mech Bottom Shimano Acera  SRAM 1 x 11
Shifter  Shimano Revoshift  SRAM
Gear Type DNP Freewheel  Cassette
Chain Wheel Triple 44/36/26  Single 42T
Mech Top Shimano Altus  N/A
Shifter Top  Shimano Altus  N/A
V-Brake Shimano Alivo  Shimano
Disc Brake  Sram Avid BB5 160mm Rotor Sram Avid BB5 160mm Rotor
Tire Knobbly or Road Knobbly or Road
Inner Tube Slime Protection Slime Protection
Battery 13.5Ah Lithium Ion/486Wh 13.5Ah Lithium Ion/486Wh
Motor Power 250Watt Nominal 500Watt Max 250Watt Nominal 500Watt Max
Motor Type 36V/48V 250rpm  Brushless, Geared 36V/48V 250rpm Brushless, Geared
Controller  20A  20A
Operation Speed Sensor/Thumb Throttle Speed Sensor/Thumb Throttle
Range  11 – 40 miles depending on terrain and rider input 11 – 40 miles depending on terrain and rider input


Cougar S8 Power Assisted Handcycle With Pedelec Twin Drive

Cougar will transform your rigid frame wheelchair into a brilliant sleek and sporty power assisted handcycle.

Cougar S24 Power Assisted Handcycle With Pedelec Twin Drive

Cougar S24 pedelec twin drive combines pedal assist and throttle operation.

Isabelle Whizzes Around London On Her Cougar

Isabelle says, “When I first heard about the fact that it was possible to turn my wheelchair into a bike that just blew my mind. I realized, I’d actually become a cyclist. Every time is set off I just get this whoosh of excitement because it’s so wonderful”.