Kiddy Coyote Add-On Manual Handcycle

£ 1,795.00

Kiddy Coyote Add-On Manual Handcycle is a scaled down version of the an adult Coyote handcycle. Kiddy Coyote uses the virtually maintenance free Shimano Nexus IGH (Internal Geared Hub) with back pedal brake and fully enclosed chain wheel and chain.

The Kiddy Coyote is built to order with a 1-2 week lead-time.

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Add-On Manual Handcycle for Children

Kiddy Coyote Add On is a quick release wheelchair attachment designed to fit the majority of rigid frame wheelchairs and will transform your child’s wheelchair into a brilliant sleek and sporty handcycle.

We all love to ride bikes and experience the buzz and sense of freedom it brings: why not share this love of cycling with your kids.

Kids love bikes, it’s as simple as that. The bicycle has always been the preferred mode of transport for kids; they are also an important social tool. Many of us have childhood memories of the very first time we rode without stabilisers and how we rode around with our friends.

We believe that kids who use wheelchairs should be no different this is why we designed the Kiddy Coyote. We have taken the robust and reliable Coyote S8 and scaled it down to suit the majority of kiddy sizes. We replaced the 20” front end with custom 16” forks and drive wheel. We have also fully enclosed the chain wheel and chain to keep little fingers from danger.

Gear Changing

The unique design of the Nexus hub allows gear shifting whilst pedaling. Gears can also be shifted when the Kiddy Coyote is stationary although in practice we have found that children rarely use the gear shifter and tend to use just one speed only.


There are no brakes to contend with, no cable adjustment and no fumbling around trying to adjust brake blocks. Kiddy Coyote comes equipped with a coaster brake, commonly called a back pedal brake.

The Kiddy Coyote is not only a great recreation handcycle but also a great way for your child to get aerobic exercise. Cycling with the Kiddy Coyote will improve your child’s circulation and respiratory functions through active exercise and burn up calories for weight control and weight loss.

Docking System

Kiddy Coyote Add On can be connected to most rigid wheelchairs via a docking system that is permanently mounted under the wheelchair. Once connected it takes only seconds to dock on.

The rear of the docking system is bolted to either the axle or a bar going across the back of the chair. The front of the docking system is bolted to the bar underneath the seat canvas towards the front of the seat. Some chairs do not have this bar, Kuschall for example. In this case we tailor a bar to the chair, which is then bolted on using clamps or the existing holes.

Fatigue Testing

Our docking system has succeeded in passing vigorous fatigue trials in the USA this included being drop tested 6,667 times along with a multi drum (rolling road) test of 200,000 cycles without failure or the need for adjustment on any component.

(Testing was carried out using the Viper power cycle connected to a Quickie GPV wheelchair)

The docking system will add around 1.7 kg to the weight of the wheelchair and once fitted actually strengthens the frame of the wheelchair.

Please go to the video gallery to view the docking on procedure.

Please note we cannot fit our handcycles to folding wheelchairs.

Team Hybrid’s policy is that of continuous product improvement. Specifications listed in this document or elsewhere are subject to change without prior notice. E&OE.

Model Coyote S7 Add On Manual Handcycle
Price £1,795
Frame Material Polished Aluminium
Fork Material Steel
Wheel Size 16”
Gears (Drive Wheel) Nexus IGH
Chainset Single 24T
Bottom Bracket Hollow Tech II
Brakes Back pedal
Tire Road
Inner Tube Slime Protection
Cycle Weight



4 speed Nexus Hub



Wheel Size



Dan Wins A Handcycle

Dan won the Kiddy Coyote after entering a competition in Young and Able magazine. Here he is riding his demo model for the very first time.

Victoria Demos her Kiddy Coyote

This was Victoria’s third attempt at riding her handcycle. The smile says it all.

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