Ottobock Ventus

£ 1,695.00

The entry level chair choice to compliment our handcycle range.

The Team Hybrid Specified Ottobock Ventus has two axle positions for every day use and hand cycling making this a perfect partner to the Coyote, Cougar and Viper hand and power cycles.

Available from stock in standard spec or to order with many custom options including 14 different colours.

Get in touch to discuss this latest addition to the Team Hybrid range.


Ultra Light Aluminium Handcycle

Rigid Frame

The frame of the Ottobock Ventus effectively transfers power from the chassis to the street, making it suitable for everyday use and challenging situations.

Rigorous testing

The Ventus, which aims to set a new benchmark for wheelchair design, has gone through meticulous testing by users of all age groups, in different regions and living situations.

Innovative materials

The frame, footrests and side panels are built from ultra-light aluminium, helping to keep weight to a minimum at approximately 8kg. Individuals looking to independently transport the wheelchair will also benefit from its ability to be folded into a compact package

The Team Hybrid Ventus has been especially specified for hand cycles and is the only off the shelf chair that comes equipped with a dedicated cycling axle. There are two axles for two wheel positions, the everyday axle has a 3-degree camber and the cycle axle has a 6-degree camber.

Another great feature of this chair are the 24 × 1.75 Mountain Bike wheels. You are not restricted to a particular wheelchair style tire; you can go into any bicycle shop and purchase tires and tubes.

Additional specifications include: Tension adjustable upholstery, height adjustable Footrest and Folding adjustable Backrest.

We stock the Ventus in both 18″ and 16″ but the chair is available in custom sizes unto 21″. Typical lead times on a custom chair would be 4-5 weeks from order.

Model Ottobock Ventus
Base Price £1,695
Material Aluminium
Wheels 24 x 1.75
Camber Bar 1 3 Degrees with Adjustable COG
Camber Bar 2 6 Degrees
Brakes Scissor
Backrest Folding Adjustable with Snap Lock System
Upholstery Tension Adjustable seat sling and Backrest
Strapping Calf Strap