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  • Life with a Cougar S8
    On the side of the angels A marriage made in heaven. This is a romantic story about cold metal and warm leather; a story of pieces of mobility equipment falling in love with each other and their owner. A story of empowerment; carrying on when your first reaction is to give up and stay home. Because at first glance I look like an extra in a 70's biker movie, people are sometimes surprised to learn that I'm a medically retired vicar in my 40's. I'm a life coach, creative therapist and spiritual director. I also serve as chaplain at a large shopping centre. I'm a keen artist and photographer. As a paraplegic the thrill of a two wheeled motorbike is beyond my grasp and the delight of a trike is denied me, due to concerns DVLA may have for both my safety and that of other road users. So where do I turn for thrills? How do I get off the beaten track and experience a jealous wind whipping me in the face? I live near the coast and surrounded by fields. I want to enjoy the great outdoors, to explore with my wife; to enjoy bounding across fields and rushing along the prom with our dog. When I turned 40 my dad gave me a top end Crossfire all-terrain wheelchair for my birthday. With its rugged design and chunky wheels surely I could go anywhere? But I didn't have the strength needed to push a great distance and I'm not the lightest person to push over hilly and difficult ground so I started to explore my options, to contact every firm I could find in the UK making off road mobility products to product test them, to reflect on and debate their performance via Twitter. In the process I enjoyed a bit of mad inventing, gathering old parts off eBay and trying various ways of assembling everything from hand cycles to remote control skateboards in an endless journey for the ultimate paraplegic adrenalin rush. The answer was to be found in relationship and romance. My top end wheelchair needed a boyfriend. She is a lovely companion but she required a Prince Charming to scoop her up and carry her across unconquered territory. Don't get me wrong, we still enjoy girls nights at home, I keep her well groomed and she's a fab gym buddy, but she becomes so much more that that when teamed with her new soul mate. Enter the Team Hybrid S8 hand-powered hand-cycle attachment. As a vicar I've had the joy to marry many people - that wonderful concept of two becoming one flesh; strengths and weakness working in partnership in order that dreams can be fulfilled. Once Team Hybrid had attached a simple docking station to my Crossfire wheelchair, the Cougar was able to easily glide into place and become securely and safely attached. So how did this romance begin? A wonderful demonstration visit to my home on Canvey Island from Team Hybrid enabled me to enjoy an accompanied day exploring the Island using that wonderful combination of wheelchair and power trike attachment. After some months of deliberation, during which Hybrid answered my seemingly endless questions I was ready to place an order. The process was very simple, a deposit was needed (and one of my eBay hand cycle experiments and an old wheelchair were accepted in part exchange). A few weeks later my wife and I enjoyed a few days away in our motorhome, camping in the grounds of a pub near to Team Hybrid’s headquarters. Hybrid were very accommodating when we experienced a flat battery outside their workshop caused by running too many useful disabled modifications on our vehicle! When attached the Cougar and Crossfire become the most amazing partnership. They eat level ground and make a very valiant job of crossing even the most rugged of terrain at quite an incline, even in damp weather. They keep me guessing with the occasional wheel spins, but experience and the wisdom of other users enables one to overcome the most challenging of environments. I sense the sadness of the Cougar when he undocks from the Crossfire, but he is put safe in his storage bag or plugged in to recharge and she is pleased for a bit of ‘me’ time. The wonderful thing is that the Cougar can be left safe and insured outside the gym, pub or shop whilst the Crossfire and I go about our daily routine. The two can fit neatly into a vehicle and as such are the most useful of traveling companions. Although I present like a Hell’s Angel I enjoy bliss (a Latin word for the joy of Heaven) each time I go exploring with my Crossfire/Cougar combination. It is a liberating marriage that enables me to fly on the wings of angels, whilst remaining safely grounded; on reliable kit, exploring the delights of Canvey Island and beyond. I love my Cougar. I love the attitude and company of Team Hybrid and thoroughly recommend their products to you. If you would like to talk to me directly about my experience of Hybrid or perhaps engage my services as an inspirational life coach, please contact me:
  • Clip-On Docking Procedure
    We have designed the Clip-On docking system to fit virtually any rigid frame wheelchair, plus a large majority of folding wheelchairs, without the need of extra brackets or hardware being added to the wheelchair.
  • I have been able to do tonnes more things - It’s brilliant
    A while ago now Team Hybrid were contacted by the charity Wishes For Kids. They were enquiring to see if I would build a Kiddy Viper for a girl Rachel Edwards, of course we agreed. It was to be presented to her later on in the year. It was to be kept a secret so every thing was arranged over the phone, chair size etc. Summer arrived and on the day of the presentation we travelled to Donnington race track where the charity had arranged a race day. We had to sneak the Kiddy Viper in with out any one spotting us and hide it away from every one. There were over a 100 children and each one was given the opportunity to have rides in various racing cars. There was a rally course, a race track and quad bikes. After dinner every one gathered in the main hall and Rachel was asked to come forward. The Viper was then wheeled out and presented to her. She was so surprised and was shaking with excitement. After giving her a quick run down on the operating procedure of the Viper we both went for a quick spin around the hall. Rachel had the hang of it in seconds and was riding as if it was second nature. A great sense of satisfaction can be had to see the smile on the faces of the kids and adults as they have a taste of freedom for the first time in there lives. "Dear Mark, Every time I go out on my Viper with my friends or family some one has given a very nice comment about it. Ever since I received my Viper I have been able to do tonnes more things. It’s brilliant. I have been able to explore the town without getting tired. I have been able to play with my friends and family. I have even been out to dinner on my own with my friends. When I set off I can go all around/anywhere in the town centre. My family and friends and even strangers have said it is wicked. It’s brilliant, Thank you. From Rachel Edwards."
  • Harry's parents recall their Viper journey
    "We found out about the Mobility Roadshow in Edinburgh completely by accident and decided to go along on the off chance there would be something suitable for our son Harry who is four and a half and has Spina Bifida. We had been considering some form of electric wheelchair or scooter for him to use when he was out playing in our estate. Our estate is quite hilly and there is absolutely no way he could push himself up the hills to his friend’s houses – even a wheelchair athlete would struggle with the hills. When we arrived at the showground we saw a young man get into a chair, which can be best described as a wheelchair that could turn into a tricycle with the help of a front attachment that was powered by a battery. When we saw this we immediately thought that it would be absolutely ideal for Harry. We had a good look around the show and found several companies that made something similar to what we had seen the young man in when we had arrived. We left details with these other companies and they promised to get in touch with us the following week. We are still waiting. Then we found Team Hybrids stand and we are very glad that we did. They had a Viper power cycle in a Childs size, which meant that Harry could test-drive it. He drove it for about 30 minutes and loved every second of it. He could outrun the pair of us and was having great fun playing on grass for a change. Mark and Rob took a detour on their way home from exhibiting at the show and came to our house to let Harry test-drive the Viper again up and down the estate – he still loved it. On the off chance we asked Mark if he knew of anybody that would possibly help us with the cost of the Viper and chair, he said to “leave it with me and I will ask around”. The following day Mark phoned to say that there was an organisation called Moontrekers that were willing to fund half of the cost. Moontrekers are a local fundraisers who donate money to help with the cost of buying all sorts of equipment for people with all kinds of disabilitys and all ages. So, we started the ball rolling and asked Team Hybrid if they could come up with a design that would suit a 4 year old. We batted emails and phone calls with Mark deciding on the main features of the Viper, it presented many challenges but these were quickly over taken. We took delivery of the Viper on a sunny day and Harry took to it again very quickly The controls that had been fitted were amazing, because Harrys hands are so small he can not operate a conventional brake lever, so Mark had fitted his own design Quad bars, these allow the brakes to be operated with just a simple pushing movement. Since Harry received his Viper power cycle he has taken it everywhere. It has opened up a whole new world for him and is now able to do things that have not been possible before. He has chased dogs in a country park while flying a kite, and even went off road around Loch Lomond going right up to the pebbled shores. He loves the freedom it has given him and would be lost without it. The Viper is capable of very fine control and has a top speed of 2.5 mph, we are teaching Harry to go slow when required and plan his routes around obstacles. However, like all kids he knows better and it is full pelt all the time. It will be a long time yet before we let him out of our sight while he is on it… but he is only 4 after all."
  • Harry takes his Viper everywhere
    Since 4 year old Harry Stratton received his Viper he has taken it everywhere. His mum Anna said, "It has opened up a whole new world for him and is now able to do things that have not been possible before. He has chased dogs in a country park while flying a kite, and even went off road around Loch Lomond going right up to the pebbled shores. He loves the freedom it has given him and would be lost without it." Harry’s Viper is capable of very fine control and has a top speed of 2.5 mph, and because his hands are so small a bespoke handle bar was made to enable him to brake. When indoors the Viper detaches in seconds leaving him sitting in his wheelchair as normal. Harry who has Spina Bifida is only 4 years old and his little hands were to small to operate the brakes so a set of Tetra Bars were made up allowing Harry to stop safely using arm action. "I love my power cycle because I can go up the hill at my house to play with my friends, said Harry, I have also been across the grassy bits at Drumpellier Park which is near my house,for the first time all by myself and I was chasing a dog and everyone laughed."
  • I am out and about all the time now
    "My name is Emma Rooney and I am 6 years old. I have Spina Bifida and Hydrocaefalus. I have never been able to get a bike because it was not possible to get one suitable for my needs until now. Another little boy I know with Spina Bifida had a Viper trike, he let me test it out to see if it was suitable for me, it was. My dad (Gerard) contacted Team Hybrid, they were very helpful. During the original telephone call my dad discussed my specific needs with Mark Higgon who could not be more helpful. Mark asked my dad for different measurements of myself ie, height, weight, leg length etc. If we had any questions or problems all we had to do was phone and it was sorted out. Through keeping in regular contact with Team Hybrid during the time the Viper was being made we managed to complete a very successful operation. When my Viper arrived it was ideal for me. I am totally delighted and I am out and about all the time now. I cannot thank Team Hybrid enough for getting me mobile and out playing with my friends on their bikes. Thank you very much."
  • Jamie discovered Portugal in a Viper
    "My name is Jamie Adams and I am 12 years old. I was on holiday in Portugal in november 2008. I have regional pain syndrome. (RPS is where you have a past injury come back while having growing pains) which means I cannot walk without crutches and pain. I was very kindly lent a wheelchair and Viper by David Player. The Viper is attached to a wheelchair and it looks like the front of a bike but is motorised. It has a brake and an accelerator which allows the wheelchair to be motorised and driven like a motorbike. The Viper is powered by a battery which is easily charged from the mains inside a house. The battery never ran out and seemed to last a long time. Whilst in Portugal the Viper allowed me to do a lot more than I would have been able to without it. I went to Silves, which is a town with many hills and a castle. I went to Quarteira, along the sea front much further than I could have walked with the crutches. I also went to Faro the main city in the Algarve, we went to the main shopping centre jumbo. Most importantly it was fun to use and it allowed me to move easily around Vale do Lobo the resort I was staying in. Vale do Lobo has many hills and without the Viper i would not have managed to move away from the villa. I would like to thank David Player for all his help and would recommend the Viper to anybody who has problems walking. I have attached a photograph of me in the Viper with a puppy I met."
  • The Viper has transformed her life
    "We bought the Kiddy Viper for my daughter Sophie in July of last year and within the first week of ownership Sophie managed to successfully steer it into a gate post destroying the throttle switch. After a short phone call you very kindly shipped a replacement part out to us in South Wales. Since then the Viper has proved very useful and has transformed her life allowing her to go to places that she would not be able to push herself, even to places that we would not be able to push her. Please find attached some photos taken whilst we have been out and about over the last year. I hope they help to show just how versatile the Kiddy Vipers really are. Many thanks, Jason Hodges."
  • Congratulations to Dan Bussey on winning the Young & Able Magazine Competition
    We ran a competition in the magazine Young and Able back in the summer, the prize was a Coyote Shimano 7. Young Dan Bussey was the winner but because he is only 5 years old we will be designing a custom made adaptation to fit his new wheelchair just for him! The Shimano 7 was not really suitable so we have upgraded the spec and decided to use a geared hub. This will make the hand cycle more user friendly for Dan. We aim to have this finished and delivered to him before Christmas.
  • Is this the world's most travelled Viper?
    "The Viper has made a huge difference to the way we travel and where we decide to go. No longer are we restricted to destinations that are flat and well paved – ie wheelchair friendly. We can now go to the places we always wanted to explore, off the beaten track! VIPER, AIRPORTS & PLANES: I suppose the best place to start is with airports and planes. To keep it short, I have never had any trouble travelling by plane with my Viper, not once! After trying several different methods, my preferred one is to check in with the Viper attached and keep it attached until I get to the plane door. I remove it, transfer onto the aeroplane aisle seat and, if possible, re-attach the Viper and wheelchair so it goes in the hold together. I un-clip the electrical cables to the battery and have elastic bungys holding the battery securely in place, as well as the loose cables. On the occasions where I have checked in the Viper, I always made sure the battery was packed in my suitcase and the cables strapped up. More lately, I’ve also added the plastic cling-film that’s available at most airports now, just to give it extra padding. However, to help the handlers work out what it is, how it moves and how best to handle it, I keep the brake handles uncovered. Either way works well, as when we land my wheelchair and Viper are either together with the airport support staff, or the Viper is sent off with the luggage. When we collect it with our luggage, I attach the Viper and then take the battery out of the suitcase, and off we go – easy, simple and stress-free! My Viper has had some damage during travel, but it’s always been very minimal – more like excessive wear and tear as opposed to damage. The key is to protect the parts with padding so it can be removed and re-attached for the homeward journey. The important thing to remember is that airports, airlines, travel companies, staff and crew are all different and each have a different way of handling these situations. Always be friendly, polite and relaxed, ask for help and assistance, and they will all be helpful. If you decide to be stressed out, aggressive and rude, then you can only expect the same in return. In cases where check in staff have insisted I check the Viper in, I’ve told them that I’ve done it this way many times and never had any problems, and would prefer to keep the Viper and wheelchair together, as I’m worried it’ll get damaged or lost in transit. This nearly always works and all goes fine, but in the few cases where it hasn’t and I’ve had to check in the Viper with my luggage, I cooperated and complied, as I don’t expect special treatment. LISBON: On one of the first trips the Viper, we organised a short break to Lisbon – the city built on 7 hills! We took the Viper and went everywhere we wanted, which opened up our eyes to the new possibilities available to us, as we’re not interested in the normal touristic sunshine and beaches type of travellers. Everything went well on the flight and we got our Viper with the luggage, and off we went. We jumped into a normal taxi and put the Viper in the boot – a bit of a squeeze as we had luggage also, but this was only on arrival and departure. LONDON: We’ve spent many enjoyable breaks in London, thanks to the Viper! We’ve found little hotels not too far from an accessible Tube Station as the Viper works excellently on the London Underground. The lifts are large enough to drive straight in and reverse straight back out. I drive straight on to the trains and park in a spot that best accommodates the people around me – not always easy, but people do move! The Viper fits OK on London Buses too. There are so many accessible buses in London it’s easy to flag one down and jump on. Getting off is done backwards, but it works fine for us. We’ve caught trains to London, from London to Gatwick and so on, and never had any problems. Once on board, I either leave the Viper attached (for short journeys) or remove it (for longer journeys). PYRENEES: This mountain range that forms the border between Spain and France is amazing – but only made possible for us because of the Viper. We drove from the Mediterranean end at the eastern end of the Pyrenees to the Atlantic ocean in the west. We stopped off at historical villages and towns, exploring the cobbled back streets, weekly markets, lake side walks and so on. It was summer so the winter ski resorts had converted their business to mountain biking, white water rafting etc so our daughter had a great time whilst we did our usual bit of exploring the historical parts of the towns, nice lunches etc. We stopped at Lourdes, which has streets bustling with people moving around slowly, so having the Viper made life so much easier. We strolled around shops, traffic and people, and it was effortless. CAPE VERDE ISLANDS: After hearing so much about these new islands, in Jan 2007 we booked a 2 week holiday, but only because we had the Viper! Had it not been for the Viper, we’d not have even considered a holiday to an island that has just got on the tourist map. Facilities, roads, etc were exactly what we expected and combined with all the sand blown up from the beaches, we couldn't I’ve done without the Viper. Our hotel was about 2km from the local town so if I had to push my way along the cobbled and sandy road, the holiday would I’ve been more of a warm weather training camp, than a break. We enjoyed strolls into town, checked it out everything from one end to the other, explored markets, beaches etc. The Viper makes having a stroll just as simple and relaxing as before, no need for any great physical effort, no straining, just relax, switch off and enjoy the surroundings! THE ALGARVE: We rent a villa called Dama da Noite in a beautiful rural location, so we hire a car with hand controls also. The Viper comes with us and we drop the kids off at water slide parks, beaches etc and go off to explore different parts of the region. Each day there’s a different market on at different towns along the coast, and there’s so much history and culture to discover, from the old town in Faro to the castle fortress in Silves to Prince Henry The Navigator’s fortress in Sagres. FUTURE DESTINATIONS: We’ve been to Australia, but before we had the Viper. We’re thinking of going back some time soon and the Viper will be a major part of our trip as I know I’ll be able to go further than before, without all the hassle and physical effort. After all, holidays are supposed to be relaxing, not a "survival exercise"! South Africa is also on the cards, as well as new eastern European countries like Bulgaria, Croatia and Poland. We really want to take a cruise and check out all the different places they stop off at, and unless I had the Viper, I wouldn’t even consider it as we’d never get much further than the harbour on our own! Get the most out of your Viper and see how it can change your life and that of your family and friends, as it has done to me. The more we used it, the more we realised how much easier and enjoyable everything has become. I even enjoy going around the shops and shopping centres (well… not exactly “enjoy”, but it’s easy to switch off and relax, and carry the shopping for my girls!)" Dave.
  • Sue Marshall and her Freedom Bike
    "The Viper Power Cycle I call my FREEDOM BIKE as it goes where no other wheelchair that i have had goes. It comes apart and it will go in the plane Jeep and most taxis, it’s very mobile and i could not have done my trips without my FREEDOM BIKE! Three years ago we went on a safari We crossed the Chalbi Desert with the Viper which would not have been possible in a ordinary chair and this includes my All Terrrain chair as it would have been to heavy to transport on the plane and in the Jeep. We traveled all over Kenya and even stayed in a Massi family camp. The children and adults had never seen anything like the Viper before and of course they were fascinated and all wanted a go on it. From there the following year I went to Uganda gorilla trekking across Bwindi national park, over terrain that most people would not consider on foot let alone with a wheelchair and trike." Sue Marshall
  • It is worth the money just to see the delight on her face
    "Dear Mark, It took a couple of months to arrive, but it was worth the wait. After some practice in a quiet car park on the Friday evening, Joanne had the confidence to go out on a trip along the river on the Saturday afternoon. It is worth the money just to see the delight on her face, and for her to once again to be able to go where she wishes to go, without the restraints of being pushed by somebody, or being bound to the short distances she can walk on her artificial legs. For this the Davidson family are grateful, also as requested, I have enclosed a picture of Joannes first adventure. Kind Regards, Phil & Family"
  • I could not have done it with out my trike
    "Thank you once again for making my holiday so successful I could not have done it with out my trike. Hope the photos are OK. All the best, Roland."
  • Viper proved to be an absolute Godsend
    "We spent a month in Sydney earlier this year and took the Viper Power Trike. Because it folds virtually flat it was relatively easy to pack in a bike bag together with the battery and charger. It is important to inform the airline in advance of the weight of the baggage but it falls within the limit and therefore carries no surcharge. It certainly proved to be an absolute Godsend in Sydney, particularly with such hilly terrain, and in the whole month that we were there my wife didn’t have to push me at all!" Paul Mountain
  • A Viper for all occasions
    "I have had my viper for some years now and it has taken me to places I couldn’t get to before. I think you may even have a new contender for the most travelled viper in the world! I have taken my viper from Wales to England, Ireland, Germany, Holland, South Africa, Los Angeles, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia, where Billy Connelly asked me about my Viper (he was on tour in Sydney at the time!). I have been through jungle, on beaches, deserts, snow and on safari with it, and it has never let me down. I think the Viper is the best adaption I have ever bought. Due to a high spinal chord break and a brachial plexus injury, the only limb I have the use of is my right arm, which makes pushing for a long time strenuous on the shoulder, so I take my viper pretty much everywhere. As a result of this, my viper has been to rock concerts, international football and rugby matches, balls, exhibitions, all with one arm! The most use I get from the Viper is around fishing lakes, though. While I own Teglan Fisheries – two totally disabled accessible fishing lakes in West Wales (, I frequently visit many other lakes and rivers and the viper always rises to the challenge. As any fisherman will know, the place that you fish can make or break your day’s fishing, if the fish aren’t where you are, it’s very hard to catch anything! With my Viper, though, I can get to the most difficult (and often best) stretches of river, whether it’s across fields, through woods, or on beaches. Where some lakes were out of bounds for me before, I can now get pretty much anywhere, this is the power of a positive attitude and a good hand cycle – and they don’t come any better than your Viper. My experiences with Team Hybrid have always been very positive. Your team is friendly, professional and always very efficient, parts are sent out in a matter of days, for which I am always grateful. You have constantly been a great company to do business with, one of the good guys! I cannot stress enough how much freedom my Viper has given me, it has literally unlocked a world of possibilities for me. Thank you Team Hybrid." Mark O.
  • The Viper allowed us to get around on our holiday
    "Dear Mark, We thought that you would like to know that we took the took the Viper to Northern Cyprus and it was excellent. There was no problems on taking the cycle on the aircraft, in fact the staff in UK and Cyprus were very understanding. Jane took the power cycle on to the mountain tracks and it performed superbly. Some photos for you to be used as you wish. We stayed in a mountainous village and the Viper allowed us to get around. With best wishes. John & Jane Prince"
  • The Viper has made University possible
    "I needed an electric hand cycle for when I started at Bristol University last autumn. After looking at the Team Hybrid’s other competitors, I purchased a VIPER Power Cycle and have been pleased with it ever since. I’ve used all around my university’s campus which is very hilly and the VIPER has coped really well. Within the first few weeks of getting my VIPER I had to ride it in a torrential thunderstorm with water literally running down the hilly streets, the VIPER continue to climb the hills and get me home. Since then, I’ve used it to go further and further as the battery is reliable and the VIPER’s main life-long components have yet to show any sign of failure. I couldn’t even have thought about going to university without a piece of equipment like the VIPER as I need something reliable and long-life in order for me to get to my lectures." Greg Judge.
  • My Viper is known as Broomstick
    "The controller on my Powertrike finally expired almost a year ago. PDQ who built it had been unhelpful; five or six different repair shops (wheelchair and electric bike specialists and a garage) and electrical fixers had only got it going briefly. After the fuse and controller blew it hadn’t started at all. As all my money has gone into house renovation I couldn’t replace it. After a search on the internet we located Team Hybrid who make the Viper, which is similar to the Powertrike but with much better reviews, several of them by people who’d had PDQ Powertrikes. As I had already spent a lot of money on the PDQ and wheelchair my funds couldn't stretch to buying a complete new Viper so Team Hybrid agreed to use the existing wheelchair powertrike frame and battery, and fit the controller, motor, brakes etc. as well as new wheels to the chair. I took Broomstick to their pretty little workshop near Fareham. It’s full of interesting bikes of different shapes, and wheelchair conversions of all kinds. Some of the things they build for children are very inventive, and so are the sports machines. Mark the owner is in a wheelchair, so he knows what he’s doing. Broomstick was sent back looking all shiny and with snazzy. The Viper controller is smaller and neater too. And it works! Thanks must got to my sister who started a fund for a replacement as a birthday present so, with much gratitude to her and those who pledged donations, I am now the proud owner of a PDQ -Viper conversion. It’s no longer a Powertrike but a Viper power cycle. These photos were taken on a wander round the lanes of the hamlet where I live in France. As you can see, a manual wheelchair wouldn’t be much use! It was marvelous to be able to go out with my friend who is a keen hiker. It was also quite amusing to leave her far behind at times." Elisabeth
  • I now have my freedom
    "Dear Mark, Please find attached the photos of the Viper power cycle with the Quad Bars bike that i purchased from you and used whilst on holiday in Portugal. It really is great now that I don’t have to have anyone push my wheelchair, I now have my freedom. Kind Regards, Ashley Card"
  • I've clocked up over 2000 miles on my Viper
    "I purchased my trike 3 years ago and have clocked up over 2000 miles since. I use it whenever I can in my home town to nip along the seafront to the shops. It’s good for the environment and I’ve bumped into so many old friends on the streets that I would have missed had I been driving. The beauty of the trike is it’s so portable and I can throw it in the car and take it anywhere, it’s really useful at music festivals and other large events that require a lot of pushing otherwise. I’ve also used it all around the world including Australia, Hong Kong, India and Thailand and had no problems getting it to the airport. In the 3 years I’ve owned the trike, I’ve only had to have it repaired a couple of times, mainly due to wear and tear and so far this hasn’t proved too expensive. I’ve always been very happy with the service provided by Team Hybrid. I can’t imagine being without my trike, it has opened up so many places to me and made getting around so much more fun." Laura Collinson
  • A brilliant machine
    "Just wanted to say how much we are enjoying the viper - it is a brilliant machine, and is really making my life much easier. Many thanks, Chris Stone."
  • My Viper has NEVER let me down
    "Let me start at my search for a flexible powered wheelchair. The only one I knew of was made by your competitor PDQ who have now gone out of business. I had the time to research, and disabled forums expressed ‘doubt’ as to the quality and reliability of this competitors trike. One forum mentioned the Viper, and how good it was. I looked into it further, and had a demo at Draft Wheelchairs who were very helpful. Needless to say I bought one. My Viper attaches to a TI Lite chair with carbon fibre wheels and run flat tyres. The trike weighs assembled about 67Ibs, and even allowing for my svelt like 14st, will reach a steady 12mph on cycle paths, with 26 miles range when conditions allow. I also have a set of wheels with mountain bike tyres when expecting rougher terrain. On a daily basis it allows me to exercise my dogs and operates in all weathers. OK, ice is not good, but a few inches of snow is not a problem. It’s daily use is on pavement, bridle and cycle paths.Average use is 1.5-2hrs. Since I bought it in Nov 2007 it has been to the USA twice, and Virgin Atlantic are to be recommended for people with a disability. The trike has been carried assembled, it has been used up to the aircraft, and been there as soon as I disembarked. The reaction to the trike has been amazing in the U.S. The kids think it’s ‘cool’ and many scooter users have been fascinated. My Viper has NEVER let me down, and it has been wet, muddy, cold, hot, and has often needed a hose pipe to clean it! Many thanks to you and your team. The pics are taken in Sarasota FL, and a wet and windy Hustanton with a wet Tibetan terrier who was having a great time. The Lahasa Apso rides when her little legs can’t cope with the speed. Both dogs will walk to heel by the trike on or off the lead. The Viper has made an enormous difference to mine and my families life." Steve Bolton
  • Some things in Life I thought were lost forever
    "I am not a pessimist at all but following my pleading son and wife on a bike ride around the park and down to the beach were little pleasures I thought I would have to live without. Thanks to Team Hybrid and their fantastic viper, bike riding everywhere is now possible and with great results. The past 2 weeks that I have had my viper have been incredible. I feel as if I am 12 years old and just gotten my 1st bike, I want to ride it all the time everywhere even in the house! Riding after 18 years with my family is P R I C E L E S S ! All my friends have noticed that my spirits have gone through the roof and I constantly have a happy grin on my face.These are the things that give our life salt and pepper and I have Team Hybrid and Mark to thank for that. Thank you very much for introducing me to my new best friend, the VIPER!" Alexis Demetriou (T4-5 paraplegic), Cyprus
  • A Big Thank You For The Viper
    "Firstly, a big thank you for getting the Viper up together, ready to be used in what was a relatively short time frame. I have now tried it and must say so far it has exceeded my expectations. I have a moderate grassy slope and the Viper gets up it with ease. I can see I will get a lot of use out of it going along side the children when they are cycling etc. I must say the children so far have used it more than I have, they are fighting over it at the moment! We have booked a family holiday to Florida Disney World in October and am now planning to take the Viper, it will be a God send instead of pushing about for 2 weeks covering goodness knows what distances. Thanks for an excellent product, it is head and shoulders above the other one on the market and worth the money. Kind Regards, Paul Helyer"
  • Karin Palin's Viper adventure in Germany
    "Dear Mark, I enclose a photo of me with kids that was taken last autumn in Germany, where the Viper proved to be great to get around lots of forest tracks that I thought I would never manage again!" Karin Palin
  • Hugh loves his Viper in Canada
    "Just a quick note to say that I finally had the time to assemble and mount the Viper on Christmas Day, and everything worked wonderfully – we went for a two-hour walk, and have since gone for 20km (crazy good weather). A great Christmas present. So thanks for everything – the Viper has thus far exceeded my expectations!" Hugh
  • Unbelievable mobility for Rob in Australia
    "I live in Australia and purchased my Cougar from Team Hybrid in April 2008. Although i can walk a little bit when i have to i am a bit uncoordinated and times i can have quite a lot of spasticity in my limbs .I use my wheelchair 75% of the time every day. I love to get out and exercise pushing my wheelchair for hours at a time, but i am fed up with putting in so much effort while getting virtually nowhere. While overseas i saw an attachment for a wheelchair that virtually turns it into a motorised trike. I thought “what a great idea” and promised myself to investigate further once i returned home. As soon as I returned home I spent a couple of months scouring the internet for a detachable bike for my wheelchair. I then decided that i not only wanted a motorised trike, but I also wanted a hand-cycle so that I could keep up my much needed exercise. I had come across the Cougar early in my search but dismissed it as an option because i thought it was too expensive. I wanted to have the option of using either the handcycle or power or both together. Everything else that id looked at needed to be modified in some way to achieve this and did not appear to be as sturdy or well made as the Cougar. I eventually came to the decision that the Cougar would be the best option because it had been designed from the ground up with this very configuration in mind, despite the extra cost. You know the saying “you get what you pay for…”, well that’s exactly what i got. The Cougar has been worth every cent that i paid for it, and more…The increase in mobility that it has given me is in my mind – UNBELIEVABLE!!! It is equally at home on the road, footpath, beach (on the hard sand), in shops etc… and has a 90 degree turning circle. Once I had decided to purchase the cougar, it was built and delivered directly to my door in approx 4 weeks even though it had to be sent all the way from the UK. All my communication with Mark at Team Hybrid was via email and his reply was always very timely. Even though i live on the other side of the world the service is great. If something breaks he has a replacement on a plane to Australia the following working day. I recently spent a couple of years overseas travelling the world with just my wheelchair and although I travelled to so many places i was very limited in how far i could go and what i could do and see. Just imagine where I could have gone and what i could have seen if I had my Cougar then. I can only say good things about Team Hybrid!" Rob Lukin – Australia
  • Leck would be lost without his Cougar
    "I use my Cougar every day and would be lost without it. As you can see i take it every where and gets me places that i would never be able to access in my wheelchair alone. It is easily connected to my chair within seconds and has transformed my life. The quality of the Cougar is excellent and very reliable. I had a battery charger failure and Mark made sure that i had a replacement sent by courier the following day. I can’t fault the product or the service that Team Hybrid offer." Leck.
  • Off the Rails by Chris Selway
    "Dear Mark, Just to let you know that I have been getting out and about on the Cougar. I’ve been out on the local cycle track (an old railway track); I’m always getting looks and smiles, lots of children shout out stuff like “COOL, I WANT ONE OF THOSE!” and the like. I’ve also enjoyed riding the canal towpaths we have within a short drive. I used to leave my girlfriend behind on my bicycle and I still can -uphill! The gearing is just right for riding with friends, whether they’re jogging or cycling. I’m finding the Cougar to be easy to use and reassuringly stable on fast downhill sections (due to the excellent docking system). It’s a handsome piece of engineering. -My wife loves the muscles I’m building as well! Thanks again for your help." Chris Selway
  • Nick Richards and his Road Runner
    "I was an electrician before breaking my neck while swimming in 1976 aged 28, i have been a tetraplegic C6 since. I purchased my Road Runner Power Assisted Hand Cycle from Team Hybrid 5 years ago and have not looked back. Being a tetraplegic it took a bit of getting used to in particular having the confidence to lean forward and whether I had the initial strength to rotate the crank. Being a tetra anything physical is not easy but it was well worth the effort in the end i can assure you. Paignton my home town with Torquay and Brixham are the three towns that make up the Bay of Torbay. The three towns are collectively known as the The English Riviera. Living where I do i am lucky to have some of the loveliest promenades right on my doorstep which are just perfect for handcycling. Devon has a number of recognised cycle trails which I have found most enjoyable. In particular quite close at hand is Newton Abbot this is a mixture of town and country. Another one is on the tow path beside the River Dart at Totnes, although quite short it does have a character all of its own. Further a-field there is the Plym Valley and last but not least there is the Tarka Trail in North Devon. This is a bit of a trek for us in South Devon, but just spectacular when it comes to the views. Over the past 30 odd years of being paralysed I have not found a means to exercise that has given me the freedom of movement combined with the feeling of well-being that comes from cycling. Whether it is besides the sea or through the countryside there is no better way to appreciate our country and its scenery than on a beautiful day from the seat of a handcycle. Since purchasing my handcycle in 2004 I have found Team Hybrid to be both helpful with regards to servicing and intuitive when it came to alterations which assisted my disability. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank them for creating such a super bit of kit when it comes to my handcycle."
  • My commute made easy by Tony Heaton
    "Hi Mark, Thanks again for fixing the power control on the trike I really appreciate it. I said I would send you some photos. As you know my ride to work is across Hampstead Heath which is a great commute, particularly when I pedal past the lines of stationary cars at the start and end of my journey. The photos are from the top of Parliament Hill, the highest part of the heath with great views down to the city. There are always loads of kids hanging out near the school and I was surprised at their positive comments, usually “hey mate that’s a really cool machine!’ A young girl just said, ‘that’s the bike of the future!” People are always asking me what it is. My best stare was from Ricky Gervais, he lives here and walks fast and avoids eye contact but when I passed him he couldn’t help but look! Thanks again. Best wishes, Tony Heaton"
  • Cougar in Ireland by Tony Mang
    "Here is a photo of myself and some of the “No Sweat?” cycle club on the Sky Ride, Dublin 2011. I absolutely love the Cougar, thanks for all your help." Tony Mang
  • Coyote Shimano 7 by Lee Denver
    "I recently brought a Coyote SHIMAN07 from Team Hybrid ( July 2009) and I would like to say how helpful Team Hybrid was in helping me choose the right hand cycle for my needs and getting it out to me so quickly with very short notice. Ordered on the Wednesday and delivered to my door first thing Friday mornning. They are very friendly helpful and understanding. The Coyote SHIMAN07 is a great hand cycle, very easy to use in cycling and connecting and disconecting to wheelchair. Team Hybrid’s instruction for fitting docking device was very easy to follow with very helpful pictures. I would recommend this hand cycle to anyone and highly recommend Team Hybrid to purchase there hand cycle from for all of the above and great value for money. I hope you enjoy your new hand cycle as I am in just a few days of ownning one and can see mine going everwhere with me, shopping, bike rides with the kids, on holiday here and aboard etc. THANK YOU TEAM HYBRID." Lee Denver
  • Coyote Shimano 7 by Chris King
    "Hi there Mark, just wanted to say thanks the bike is great, unfortunately due to work commitments I had to wait until today to give it a blast, just brilliant can’t fault you on turning out a top piece of gear I’ve had a grin from ear to ear while out on it today. Many thanks again." Chris King
  • Coyote Shimano 7 by Dave Statham
    "Hi Guys, Great to see you at the Beyond Boundaries Exibition last weekend. As promised, attached are a couple of photos taken after I had finished the Woking Bikeathon using my Coyote Shimano7 I brought from you last September. The Woking Bikeathon is a 14 or 28 mile circuit. I completed the 14 course. It is run by Leukaemia Research and it is in its 21 st year. The bike is the best thing I have brought I love it. Thank you for delivering the right product at the right price for me. Coming home from work today the odometer clicked to over 500 miles . Best Regards Dave Statham"
  • Coyote Shimano 7 by Scott Smith
    "You now doubt hear it all the time but the bike is great. I had it delivered in time for my holiday and it proved to ideal. I have since been on a 3 mile, 6 mile and yesterday a 12 mile bike ride, along a old railway track which was more like a dirt track and had no problems whatsoever. Its exactly what I wanted something hard but not impossible to build the fitness up – after yesterday I can definitely feel it!" Scott Smith

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