Cougar Power Assisted Handcycles

Team Hybrid manufactures handcycle attachments or clip on handcycles. Cougar is a quick release wheelchair attachment designed to fit the majority of rigid frame wheelchairs and will transform the way that you use your wheelchair turning it into a brilliant sleek and sporty multi terrain handcycle.

Handcycling is the word commonly used to describe the activity of using a handcycle, however when referring to the actual product this is when it might get confusing especially to those who are new to the idea. We at Team Hybrid like to describe our products as handcycles, another popular term is handbikes.

Cougar power assisted hand cycles are fun and exhilarating as they allow you to tackle rougher terrain compared with our Coyote manual handcycles. Some might say that an electric hand cycle is just laziness or cheating but that cannot be further from the truth. Cougar handcycles are equipped with electric motors that ASSIST meaning the motor augments whatever power you produce from pedaling. This will enhance your riding experience giving you a more comfortable ride, allow you to go faster, and extend your range.

More information on the Cougar power assisted handcycles can be found on our download page.

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